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DIY Fruit Enzyme Alcohol Cleaner

One of my favorite things is to find new, efficient toxin free ways of cleaning and nurturing our home. When I first started my journey in to the toxin free life, some of the first things to go where our toxic household products.

We had shelves lined with toxic candles, air fresheners, soaps, detergents and toxic cleaning products. I learned really quickly how chemicals negatively impact our hormones and fertility. In addition, the toxic burden of these chemicals can increase chances of infertility, cancer, and chronic illness.

I quickly ditched the Clorox wipes, surface cleaner, scented detergents, soaps, and candles, in an effort to protect my family.

The Benefits of Making Your Cleaners

I was left with few option for truly toxin free cleaning solutions for our home. In my investigation, I found that you could make a lot of cleaning products on your own. PLUS they were just as effective and cheaper than the store bought competition. So really, there was no excuse to continue to expose myself or my family to toxic chemical products.

Fruit Enzyme Alcohol Cleaner

Today I am going to share with you how you can make your very own fruit alcohol cleaner. Fruit alcohol cleaner is efficient at cutting grease and grime AND it is also similar in alcohol to those commercial cleaners on the store shelves.

Basically, if we are honest, you are making homemade citrus alcohol to clean with. You can use fruit alcohol cleaner to clean surfaces, windows, bathrooms, etc. The best news is, it is cheaper and you are able to use ingredients that would normally go to waste in a landfill.

This cleaner is also considered fruit enzyme or garbage enzyme cleaner. There is conflicting information about if you are actually creating “enzymes” from fruit. So for the sake of the internet trolls that like to call me out on things they think they have done all the research on, we will just call it fruit alcohol cleaner. 🙂

How to Make Your Own Cleaner from Fruit

DIY Fruit Alcohol Cleaner
DIY Fruit Alcohol Cleaner
  1. Cut up all of your fruit peels in to pieces that will fit through the opening of your bottle/container. Add all of the cut up peels to the bottle
  2. Using a funnel, add in the sugar, yeast, and water. Screw on the lid and give the bottle a few shakes.
  3. Put your bottle in a warm, dark place. I keep ours in the garage and during the winter it isn't quite as warm, but I have still had success.
  4. Let the bottle sit for 2-4 weeks. You will need to "burp" your bottle daily so that it doesn't explode. Simply release the cap once or twice a day (you may need more frequently in the Summer). This will help release any built up pressure inside.
  5. After 2-4 weeks, strain the liquid in to a glass bowl using a fine mesh strainer and/or cheesecloth. Make sure there are no chunks floating in your final liquid.
  6. I fill a glass amber bottle with 3/4 fruit alcohol and 1/4 filtered water. You can store extra concentrate in another bottle until you are ready to use more.

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