Breastfeeding Past 12 Months

I wrote a blog post after breastfeeding my son 6 weeks and thought that was an accomplishment. Then I got to 6 months and felt victorious, especially after all of the struggles we had getting to that point. Now here we are past my son’s first year of life, still…

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Breastfeeding Past Six Weeks

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S I X   W E E K S ! We have made it an entire 6 weeks keeping our tiny human alive. More importantly, I have passed a huge milestone that I have set my sights on since before Isaiah was born. Breastfeeding!! While it is quite amazing to…

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Nursing a Toddler – 5 Tips

Nursing a toddler or full-term breastfeeding can be a difficult season to navigate. Full-term breastfeeding is often described as breastfeeding past infancy or breastfeeding past one. My son just turned 18 months old and we still choose to breastfeed. I figured it was a great time to do an updated…

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Happy Birthday, Blog!

blogging for one year at Blossoming Motherhood. Sharing my journey as a natural minded, crunchy mom.

One year ago this week the decision was made to start Blossoming Motherhood. I wanted a place where I could express my thoughts and everything I was learning on my journey through motherhood. My decision to start Blossoming Motherhood was a decision to document the process growing in to my…

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